Monday, August 29, 2016

We know you have options in Bellingham when it comes to day care for your dog.  We want you to know why you should choose Tails-A-Wagging. 
What makes us SO different from any other day care in town?

Veterinary technician and lead dog trainer on staff daily

Early drop off available upon request

Properly trained staff physically with dogs AT ALL TIMES

We brush all the dogs’ teeth every day with homemade organic toothpaste

We can administer all forms of medicine to your pet (oral, topical, injectable etc.)  And will do so at no additional charge

Daily lunches given in Kong Food Puzzles

Organic wheat/corn/soy free snack for all the dogs

Live web cameras accessible from your phone, laptop or desktop

Manners training for all the dogs, at no additional charge

Temperament test for each and every dog

Progress Reports and training plans for all dogs who need it

Full and complete Pet Personality Profiles for each and every dog, up to date and available for all staff for review

Collar Free Play

Daily flea check to keep us flea free

Birthday Parties,  posted to social media and a special birthday suprise on their special day

Free training advice and tips

Afternoon chew time with Nylabones

All toys, beds, chews, Kong’s etc. are sanitized daily

Written report cards on a dogs first day, birthday and upon request

Holiday Art Projects (done by the dogs)

Daily written log of all poo output

Sanitized space, cleaned each and every day by our full time janitorial staff

Internal parasite test requirement for every dog every 6 months

Eco Friendly: we won PSE greenest Doggie Day Care Award

Raised beds and snuggle blankets for all

Supplied Doggie Coats on days you may have left yours at home

Appropriate dog to person ratio

4 large separate playrooms for all different sizes (the littles, the middles and the bigs)

Daily field trips to our 2500 sq. ft. training room for extra work on manners and impulse control

Over 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor play space

Air Cooled Play Rooms with separate room ventilation

100 % sealed recycled rubber floors

Staff trained in Canine Body Language

New Staff receive 30 hours shadow training with existing staff, plus 22 additional hours of online class/book work

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