Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q:  Hey Tails-A-Wagging.  We are picking up a new pup and are looking into coming to a socializing class.  The lady we are getting the pup from gave the vaccines, can we come to class?

A: First, we are so glad you are thinking ahead about your pups social needs.  Puppies who learn proper social behavior with dogs in their own developmental stage (same age as they are) are more likely to carry those social behaviors through their entire life.

At Tails-A-Wagging, we put your pups health first! We have been caring for dogs in Whatcom County for over 25 years- longer than any other training facility in Bellingham. 

We require all pups who come to our classes to have seen a veterinarian, be in good health and received their latest DHPP vaccine and Bordetella vaccine from their veterinarian or a licensed rescue group.

We do not accept owner given or breeder given vaccines.

We are also NOT advocates for over vaccination, so if the person you got your pup from gave the vaccines themselves, we simply have to wait until your pup goes to the vet and receives their next round of vaccines. (pups get vaccines every 21 to 28 days until they are around 14 to 16 weeks of age)

Now, you might have seen some trainers who are totally fine with breeder given vaccines.  We could not imagine a more risky situation than that for your puppy.  If you find a trainer who allows pups in their classes with vaccines given by a breeder, RUN... RUN AWAY.

WHY?  First, let me say we have no issues with quality breeders,  but there are NO regulations or licensing requirements for a breeder. So anyone, from the qualified person who has been successfully breeding healthy dogs for 20 years or the person down the street whose dog got out of their yard and got pregnant to a back yard puppy mill, can say they are a breeder. 

If a trainer allows for breeder given vaccines, you are putting YOUR puppy at risk by going to that facility.  Your puppy could potentially be in a room with a puppy who has never been to see a veterinarian, is not healthy and received vaccines at a puppy mill. YOU HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING.

You need to be your own puppies advocate! 

Your veterinarian will be the first to tell you, your puppy should NOT be meeting up with other dogs or puppies in which you do not know their health history. Period.

The ONLY reason that your puppy can be meeting up with other puppies is if the training center is making sure those puppies are all in good health and vaccinated for their age and the only way they can do that is to have written proof the pup has seen a veterinarian, be in good health and received their latest DHPP vaccine and Bordetella vaccine from their veterinarian or a licensed rescue group. 

At Tails-A-Wagging we do that FOR EVERY SINGLE DOG we see in our classes. We are sticklers for health and safety of the dogs in our care.  Our facility is run by a dog trainer who is also an Animal Health Technician, we care about your puppies health and well-being.

Why then, did your veterinarian not revaccinate your pup NOW?  Again, no one is an advocate for over vaccination and the best option to prevent issues with over vaccination is to wait the next 21 to 28 days and re vaccinate at that time.

We have developed this policy through years of experience working with local veterinarians who feel it is both appropriate and sound for puppies who are directly interacting with each other.

Tails-A-Wagging Vaccine Policy

At Tails-A-Wagging, we require your pup’s most recent round of vaccines to be administered by a veterinarian or a licensed rescue group. We do not accept owner given or breeder given vaccines, for quality assurance. There are many things that can lead to improper vaccination, including improper administration and improper storage of the vaccine. Even though the person administering the vaccine may have administered it properly, we have no way of knowing that or if the vaccine was properly cared for prior to administration. Because vaccines can be purchased from any feed store, and the staff at that store are not required have any veterinary protocol information, we cannot be assured the vaccine was refrigerated upon arrival (for example: it could have sat on a food pallet for many hours before being refrigerated, if it was refrigerated at all). We simply cannot risk the health of the dogs that attend Tails-A-Wagging and risk improper vaccination. At a licensed veterinary care center, the protocol for vaccine care is already established and strictly followed. The staff is also trained to administer the vaccine properly. At Tails-A-Wagging we also accept titer testing.  Do you want to learn more about titer testing and how to verify if the vaccines your pup received actually worked? Read our blog:

If you have any questions about this policy, please let us know.


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